Could there be a reason NOT to do SEO?

  • March 4, 2016
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Welcome to our blog. Each month we will be writing a new post to help educate small business owners on the importance of Search Engine Marketing. Here is our first post. Hope it provides you with a ton of value & insight into the world of SEO for local business.

Small businesses are popping up in good numbers. These companies are often localised. They do not have the wherewithal to invest in massive campaigns on television and radio and press. With limited means, one can only do so much.

So what are their options?

SEO and Search Engine Marketing. SEO and SEM both use keywords to get their website to rank high. People use internet and search engines to find products and services. When they use particular query words, the engine (such as Google), looks up its directory to match those words and throws up a list of pages that match the query. Visitors then look up pages from those lists according to their wish. If your website happens to be the site they choose, you have a chance of landing a sale. That is the whole basis of SEO. To secure more sales, to generate revenue.

Why would you not then do SEO?

It is the intent of every business to grow or, at least, stay in business. There are dentists and other kinds of service providers, who depend on their service to earn income. Visibility in the market gets them more patients. If they have the money, they can invest in getting their website SEO-ed to attract more people. Word of mouth publicity is a slow method. SEO is faster. The web page is out there for the world to see. The patient has only to enter the right keywords and land on your page.

The agency you choose will perform keyword research. Those are the keywords used by people to look you up. These keywords must form part of your vocabulary. There are other requirements that the site must fulfill. There has to be content of high quality. This material should provide information about the product or service you are selling. It should be interesting and detailed.

SEO or SEM as the case may be, will finally get you more business. There are techniques, black hat and white hat employed. Organic searches need time. Hence, the use of techniques. In addition, there are strategies used to maintain the visibility of the site in the search results page. Pictures are important too.
The web page design should also be good to let people know that this is what you have to offer. You need not worry your head off about these aspects. The SEO agency you choose will decide what is best and do the rest.

What you as a business should know is the goal. Are you on track? Do you know where you want to be in the next 5 years? Do you wish to do things any differently than how you have been doing now?
Choose your prerogatives and let the agency know their bit. To benefit from SEO, you have to be prepared to invest time & money. However, don’t stress, the return on investment SEO provides is always positive. Small businesses need Search Engine Optimisation to beat their competitors. Period..

Hi! My name is Nick, and I'm the director of Zed Creative. I live & breathe Search Engine Marketing. It's such an amazing feeling changing peoples lives with the power of SEO. The ROI that our SEO service provides is second to none. If your interested in taking your business to the next level, please get in touch today.

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